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Isn’t it reassuring to know your orthodontist is a sought-after, national expert in their field? Patients of South Jersey’s Piskai Orthodontics will be glad to know that Dr. Cara Piskai recently contributed to a Forbes Health article about best practices (and not-so-best practices) for retainer maintenance.

After Invisalign or braces treatment, a retainer must be worn to lock in your smile and allow teeth to settle into their new position. So in the online Forbes article, “How To Clean Your Retainer: Tips And Tricks” by Natasha Caleel Freutel, Dr. Piskai discusses steps for taking good care of your retainer: tips and tricks for cleaning removable and fixed retainers. Tip number one? Retainer care is best done as part of the morning routine.

Cleaning Removable Retainers

For removable retainers — like Essix or Hawley retainers — Dr. Piskai suggests setting aside a dedicated ultra-soft toothbrush just for retainer cleaning. Use room temperature water and gently brush both the inside and outside. Once done, pat dry with a clean paper towel and set it in the case to air dry. At Piskai Orthodontics, we offer clear, removable retainers which are 3D printed for a custom fit.

Cleaning Permanent Retainers

Permanent retainers should be brushed and flossed along with teeth. Use regular floss as-is or with the help of a floss threader, or try an interdental brush. Flossing cleans teeth and the attached retainer by helping get rid of bacteria, food debris, and sticky plaque in those hard-to-reach areas.

Bring Retainers to Dental Check Ups

In the article, Dr. Piskai also discusses other tips and tricks for at-home retainer care, as well as a reminder to bring retainers in at every regularly-scheduled dental check up. A dentist can check a removable retainer for any damage, that the retainer still fits correctly, and might even be able to provide a deep, ultrasonic cleaning. For bonded (permanent) retainers, the dental hygienist can perform an extra deep clean around the retainer, floss, and offer advice on how to clean it better at home. 

About Dr. Cara Piskai and Piskai Orthodontics

Board-certified orthodontic specialist, Dr. Cara Piskai is the owner and founder of South Jersey orthodontics practice, Piskai Orthodontics. After practicing for five years in Pennsylvania, Dr. Piskai returned to her home state of New Jersey to open her own orthodontics office. 

She is proud to serve and participate in her local South Jersey community at her Voorhees, NJ office. She specializes in digitally customized treatment technologies and a top-tier patient experience for braces, Invisalign and early orthodontics.

The team at Piskai Orthodontics offers an inclusive atmosphere, with special touches that make every patient’s smile journey positive, fun, and comfortable. They go the extra mile so patients feel appreciated and offer complimentary, no-pressure consultations.