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Invisalign clear aligners are a convenient and near invisible treatment option that can be used instead of braces for the majority of our patients. We take a 3-D digital scan of your teeth (no gooey impressions here!), and this scan is what is used to design your individual case. Dr. Piskai has extensive experience and specialized training in Invisalign and she personally sets up all virtual treatment plans to ensure that every patient achieves their best possible outcome.

You are given a series of state-of-the art, digitally fabricated aligners that you change weekly, and each new aligner gently moves your teeth to their ideal positions. Our patients also love that they can brush and floss their teeth normally, there are no food restrictions, and there are no emergency appointments due to broken brackets or poking wires! Invisalign aligners only work as well as you wear them so it is essential that they are worn 22 hours a day and only taken out when eating and brushing your teeth.

We always say in the office that Invisalign treatment really is as easy as it seems - wear your aligners and switch them as prescribed to get the smile you’ve always wanted!

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common QUESTIONS about invisalign
Do you charge more for Invisalign versus braces?

No. We believe Invisalign is the best clear aligner system on the market, and while it does cost our practice considerably more than braces due to its premium lab fee, we do not upcharge patients for it. Why? Because we believe every patient should have access to the best treatment available without price as a barrier to an optimal result.

Are there food/eating limitations during Invisalign treatment?

Generally, no. Unlike braces, where certain foods may become stuck and/or knock off brackets or dislodge a wire, Invisalign does not utilize such hardware. Instead, take out your clear aligners when eating and drinking and take care to clean daily (brush with toothpaste) and prevent stains (don't drink coffee while wearing your aligners) and you'll be set!

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