Your smile should be shared with the world;

your personal data shouldn’t.

This is our promise to protect your privacy



We are 100% committed to protecting your personal information – full stop, no excuses. Why? Because when you trust us for your orthodontic care, you deserve it, and we have the capabilities to make that promise.



1.       We do not sell your information

2.      We keep your information confidential and protect it

3.      We will do our part in creating a safe web, especially for our children


We do not sell your information

We collect and store only the minimum amount of information required to allow our team to deliver the very best patient experience and treatment and will never sell your information to a 3rd party.


We keep your information confidential and protect it

Our staff is trained to respect and protect the confidentiality of your personal and health information including (but not limited to) compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We then do our very best to safeguard and protect that information within our processes and systems.

When we decided that we would offer our patients the very best experience, we recognized that would involve fully digitizing your information, such as going paperless for patient forms and upgrading our systems to the most cutting-edge practice management software. We proactively implement the latest industry standards for security and comply with all government regulations and initiatives designed to protect you. Furthermore, we carefully screen our partner organizations and work only with those who share our principles.


We will do our part in creating a safe web for our children

With specific regards to digital interactions, we abide by all requirements of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) which governs collection of information on any child under 13 – and specifically will ensure to the best of our ability that we never collect or track any such information unless it is related to treatment of a specific patient. We will not employ any web trackers that allow us to individually identify anyone (child or adult) who visits our website.



There may be instances where we would need to disclose information, including but not limited to:

a) if it would not be legal for us to withhold information or are legally compelled, e.g. via subpoena

b) to comply with government-sponsored and private agencies that exist specifically to protect our children, including the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC)

c) if we gain express written permission from the patient (and guardian if applicable) to use patient names, photos, likenesses, or data for marketing purposes


Bottom line
So whether it is your confidential health records, personal identification and contact information, or data related to your online browsing when you interact with us digitally (website, social media accounts, apps, etc.) know that we will always do our very best to keep your private information confidential and protected and we will never sell it to others.