At the conclusion of treatment, all of our patients receive a beautiful set of clear retainers based on a digital scan of your teeth. If you just need a new set of retainers (it doesn't matter if you were a previous patient or not) or just want to upgrade your old retainer, come on in!

Here's what they'll look like:
clear aligners
common QUESTIONS about retainers
I broke or lost my retainers... can you make me new ones?

Of course! When you come in, we will take a quick digital scan of your teeth (no gooey impressions), and a few weeks later we will deliver your custom fabricated clear retainers, checking for fit and comfort before sending you on your way.

I didn't wear my retainers and my teeth have shifted. Can new retainers straighten them out again?

In most cases, no. Retainers are designed to reinforce your teeth's current positions, and are meant to be worn indefinitely. If your current retainers no longer fit, one option is to create new retainers to prevent your teeth from moving even further.

In order to realign your teeth back to their ideal positions, we can provide options to undergo re-treatment, possibly with a reduced "limited treatment" fee, depending on if you were a prior patient, and/or how much your teeth have shifted.

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Your visit includes a comprehensive examination, digital x-ray imaging, assessment of your individual case, and review of treatment options.

We accept insurance, offer 0% in-house financing over the course of your treatment, and our fee is all-inclusive. Our consultations are 100% complimentary and we never pressure you to make a decision.
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