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Our Treatment Philosophy Is Simple: We Put You First

As a healthcare provider, we will always put the patient first.

Piskai Orthodontics is an independently-owned family practice. We choose to treat with the best materials, processes, and technologies, with a single doctor overseeing each patient's treatment from start-to-finish. Dr. Piskai treats children as her own and adults as she would herself; providing the highest level of care with no compromises.

Learn more about the different types of orthodontic treatment below.

Early Treatment / Phase I

Early orthodontic treatment, also known as Interceptive or Phase I treatment, is done primarily to correct skeletal or dental issues that arise before all of the permanent teeth erupt, typically between the ages of 7 and 10. The benefits of early treatment include guiding jaw growth, creating necessary space for permanent teeth to erupt, and eliminating habits or traumatic bites.
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Comprehensive Treatment

Comprehensive treatment can begin after the majority of the permanent teeth are erupted. Patients at our practice choose between Invisalign clear aligners or LightForce custom braces, the industry leaders in their respective categories. Dr. Piskai and our team are experts in treating with these cutting-edge digital technologies.

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Post-Treatment / Retention

At the conclusion of comprehensive treatment, all of our patients receive a beautiful set of clear retainers (plus a complimentary set of backups!) based on a digital scan of your teeth. If you just need a new set of retainers - it doesn't matter if you were a previous patient or not - or just want to upgrade your old retainer, come on in!

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Your visit includes a comprehensive examination, digital x-ray imaging, assessment of your individual case, and review of treatment options.

We accept insurance, offer 0% in-house financing over the course of your treatment, and our fee is all-inclusive. Our consultations are 100% complimentary and we never pressure you to make a decision.
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