LightForce Custom Braces

We are South Jersey's top provider of the world's first fully digital, 3D printed bracket

We're committed to staying on top of the latest research and technology to bring cutting edge and evidence-based treatment into our practice. That's why Piskai Orthodontics is the leading provider of LightForce custom braces in South Jersey.

The LightForce system leverages technological advances that allow for fully customized treatment that was previously impossible. LightForce brackets are 3D printed from a digital model of your teeth on your choice of clear or white ceramic.
young woman in LightForce custom clear bracesyoung man in LightForce custom clear bracesyoung woman in LightForce custom clear bracesteenage boy in LightForce custom clear braces
They're built for you, and only you.

We have observed shorter treatment times, fewer office visits, and more comfortable, efficient treatment. It's no wonder why so many of our patients are choosing this #OneSizeFitsOne system!
common QUESTIONS about LightForce Custom Braces
Does LightForce cost more than metal braces?

Not at our practice. Our philosophy is to provide all our patients with the very best treatment options, so we never upcharge, and our fee for comprehensive treatment is all-inclusive (including your clear retainers once you finish treatment). Many patients are able to pick between LightForce and Invisalign, except for cases where Dr. Piskai recommends one over the other due to the needs of that particular patient.

I get it... they look cool, but how else are they better?

We already have over 100 patients in LightForce treatment and are observing excellent clinical results and patient satisfaction so far.

Our peers (other forward-thinking orthodontists) across the country who have completed many start-to-finish LightForce cases have been consistently observing faster treatment times, less frequent and shorter office visits, and beautifully finished smiles.

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We accept insurance, offer 0% in-house financing over the course of your treatment, and our fee is all-inclusive. Our consultations are 100% complimentary and we never pressure you to make a decision.
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