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LightForce braces have really upped the ante when it comes to braces options. Amongst all the types of braces available, LightForce braces are the only fully custom braces, utilizing the most innovative technology for orthodontics that really puts your experience first. This is why we exclusively offer them at Piskai Orthodontics.

So how exactly are LightForce braces better than traditional braces? Well, here’s six benefits of LightForce braces that Dr. Piskai and your South Jersey orthodontics team love for our patients.

  1. LightForce Braces are More Discreet than Metal Braces

Unlike braces of generations past, LightForce braces look barely there. Adult patients who aren’t big fans of looking like they’re wearing braces can feel confident that LightForce braces won’t interfere with their professional look. Teens will appreciate their low-profile feel and appearance.

A big part of LightForce’s unobtrusive aesthetics is that the brackets are smaller than with traditional metal braces. But don’t worry, their size doesn’t have a negative affect on their performance — LightForce brackets are made of a light but strong ceramic polycrystalline alumina. What also makes them less noticeable is that they come in clear — called Light, or white — called Cloud, to blend in with your teeth. 

  1. LightForce Orthodontics: Custom, 3D-Printed Braces To Fit You and Only You

Customization plays a big part in giving LightForce braces an advantage over traditional braces. First, LightForce braces start with high tech scanning that creates 3D digital models of your teeth. These precise models are used to plan your treatment digitally — where Dr. Piskai can plan each individual tooth movement for your best possible smile. Then your braces are 3D printed to fit your teeth alone. 

The most significant customization with LightForce braces? The back of LightForce brackets follow the contours of your teeth exactly. In contrast, traditional braces use mass produced, generic brackets with flat backs, forming a less-than-exact bond with your tooth surface. Think of it like this: you definitely want your braces brackets to fit like a glove rather than a mitten!

  1. You Can Level up on Comfort

LightForce braces are known as more comfortable than traditional braces for a few reasons. They’re smaller with rounded edges, causing less discomfort on the soft tissues inside your mouth, like the inside of your lips and your tongue. And since your progress is preprogrammed into your braces from start to finish, patients experience fewer check-in appointments and less post-adjustment discomfort.

  1. LightForce Brackets are Easier to Keep Clean

Let’s be honest — brushing and flossing with braces takes a little bit more time and diligence to do right.  But with LightForce braces vs traditional metal braces, smoother contours means easier-to-clean nooks and crannies. Getting the hang of good oral care with braces is easy to accomplish with LightForce braces’ sleek design.

  1. Enjoy Shorter Treatment With LightForce Orthodontics

Choosing LightForce orthodontics means quicker, more efficient treatment time than standard metal braces. One study even found that LightForce custom braces resulted in 37% less treatment time — patients can enjoy their newly straight and beautiful teeth sooner. 

  1. Enjoy Less Time in the Dentist Chair

Less time in the orthodontist chair and more time living your life sounds good, right? This is what LightForce braces can offer. LightForce orthodontics requires fewer appointments than conventional metal braces: proactive treatment planning contributes to efficient treatment time with fewer adjustments.

Getting LightForce braces on at the start is even quicker than with traditional metal braces. Yet another of LightForce braces’ many benefits is an indirect bonding tray system to attach your brackets to your teeth. This process bonds brackets all at once instead of one at a time. We’ve found that getting LightForce brackets and wires put on can even take less than an hour. 

Get the Best Custom Smiles – LightForce Braces in South Jersey

It all sounds great, right? If you’re ready to start your smile transformation with LightForce braces, reach out to your Voorhees and Haddonfield orthodontist and start your braces journey this summer: we’re the leading South Jersey orthodontist offering these high-tech, amazing braces. 

LightForce orthodontics are a definite level up vs traditional metal braces. And with the expert service from a board-certified orthodontist, our fun atmosphere, and high-tech approach, your smile journey and results will be amazing!