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Always on the leading-edge, South Jersey orthodontist Dr. Cara Piskai was an early adopter of LightForce custom braces, the first fully digital, 3D-printed bracket. Her commitment to innovation was recognized at the LF FUTURE Conference in early June, where she won an award for treating over 100 LightForce cases. 

Dr. Piskai attended the two-day event in San Diego with her husband, Joe, and treatment coordinator, Amy. They participated in workshops, listened to speakers, learned about new LightForce features and tools, and shared knowledge with other top providers. 

“We are in a revolution of orthodontic technology,” says Dr. Piskai. “We owe it to our patients to provide an outstanding patient experience and the best possible clinical outcomes. LightForce is a proven leader in the industry and we are proud of our partnership to offer this innovative technology to all our patients.”

What are LightForce Braces?

LightForce braces are a revolutionary, completely custom orthodontic treatment option. Dr. Piskai digitally designs each patient’s smile based on their unique dental and facial anatomy. The LightForce brackets are then 3D printed to precisely fit the shape of every corresponding tooth. The brackets are also pre-programmed with the desired tooth movements, so teeth take a more direct path to their final places.

This efficient, individualized approach means better results in less time and a more comfortable experience. Dr. Piskai and her team have been able to achieve beautifully finished smiles for patients of all ages with LightForce.

About Dr. Cara Piskai and Piskai Orthodontics

Board-certified orthodontic specialist Dr. Cara Piskai is the owner and founder of Piskai Orthodontics in South Jersey. After practicing for five years in Pennsylvania, Dr. Piskai returned to her home state of New Jersey to open her own orthodontic office. 

She is proud to serve and participate in her local community. She specializes in digitally customized treatment technologies and a top-tier patient experience.

The team at Piskai Orthodontics offers an inclusive atmosphere and prioritizes making each patient’s smile journey positive, fun, and comfortable. They go the extra mile so patients feel appreciated and offer complimentary, no-pressure consultations.