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Everyone’s smile is one-of-a-kind. And at Piskai Orthodontics, we believe orthodontic treatment should be as personalized as possible. It’s all about you! So, it’s safe to say who wouldn’t want custom braces to address their unique teeth when it comes to braces?

That’s why we exclusively offer LightForce braces to our patients. Amongst all the different types of braces available, Lightforce braces are the only fully custom-made braces system — 3D-printed braces designed especially to fit your unique teeth and your specific orthodontic needs. Their tagline says it all: One Size Fits One™.

Want to know more about this advanced braces system? Let’s talk about LightForce in detail so you can make an informed, confident decision when it comes to getting the smile you’ve always wanted.

In this post, we’ll cover:

  • How LightForce braces work
  • Benefits of LightForce braces vs. metal braces
  • The great news about how much LightForce brace cost

How LightForce Braces Work

In general, how do braces work to straighten and align a smile? All types of braces, including LightForce, transform teeth in basically the same way. But what differentiates LighForce braces from other braces is, as we mentioned, 100% customization. So, the process of getting LightForce braces starts with you! Here’s a step-by-step rundown of what it looks like to get LightForce braces and how they work.

1. A Digital Scan With Our Intraoral Scanner

When you come in to get LightForce braces with your Voorhees orthodontist, we start with a high-tech digital scan of your teeth. Sit back and relax as a team member uses a cutting-edge intraoral scanner to quickly and painlessly capture a digital model of your teeth and mouth.

No goopy molds at this South Jersey orthodontic practice! We use the most up-to-date orthodontic technology so our patients get the most efficient, modern treatment we can provide.

2. Personalized Treatment Plan and a Prescription for Your 3D Brackets

The digital model of your teeth allows Dr. Piskai to design a custom treatment plan and have LightForce brackets 3D printed to fit the exact contours of your teeth. We use LightPlan, a web-based LightForce digital treatment planning tool that allows orthodontists to create, adjust and approve patient treatment plans.

Dr. Piskai plans where every bracket will go and sees how your teeth will shift from beginning to end. Your treatment plan takes into account not only your teeth, but your jawline, lips, and facial layout, too. Our comprehensive treatment means we not only consider how to straighten your teeth and provide a proper bite but also how to improve your facial proportions with orthodontics.

3. Your 3D-printed Braces: Made-to-Order Just For You

Once board-certified orthodontist, Dr. Piskai, designs your treatment plan and it’s approved, your LightForce braces prescription is 3D printed by the lab. Fun fact: the machines that print your 3D braces are the same kind that print parts for jet engines and space travel. Talk about precision and technical innovation!

Because the back of LightForce brackets fit perfectly against your teeth, 100% of the bracket is touching your teeth. In fact, they can be placed and aligned within a sub-millimeter of fit against your teeth. The benefit? A strong bond between the brackets and teeth, making the bracket less prone to damage or detaching.

In contrast, traditional metal braces have a flat surface that is bonded to your teeth. Because the surface of your teeth has unique dips and bumps, traditional braces don’t make complete contact with your teeth. The result is bonding that is uneven and less secure. Now, don’t get us wrong — traditional braces provide great smile transformations. But LightForce braces straighten smiles quicker and more comfortably because of their personal fit. And who doesn’t want that?!

4. Efficient and Precise Placement of Your 3D Braces

Once your 3D-printed braces are ready, it’s time for Dr. Piskai to attach them to your teeth. This is definitely getting exciting! The LightForce system uses efficient, indirect bonding to attach your brackets. First, your finished brackets are placed on a model of your teeth in the exact position your orthodontist has prescribed. Then they’re fit into custom, 3D-printed trays and bonded directly to your teeth. The wire is then threaded through, any elastics attached, and initial adjustments made. Tada! Your journey towards a beautiful, healthy smile has begun. With LightForce braces, you might even be on your way in less than an hour.

5. A Wearing Experience That Will Fly By

The experience of wearing LightForce braces vs. metal braces is all about increased convenience and comfort. Check-in appointments are typically quicker, and we pride ourselves on little to no wait times at our South Jersey office. Shorter overall treatment with LightForce braces also means enjoying your new teeth before you know it. For some patients, treatment with LightForce orthodontics is shorter by several months!

And what does wearing LightForce braces feel like? Patients report less friction against gums and lips, plus more overall comfort because of smaller, more streamlined brackets.

6. You Let Light Force Braces Reveal A Brand New Smile

Wearing your custom braces is one of the best things you can do for your teeth. After all, the goal with all types of braces is a straight smile that not only looks amazing but contributes to efficient chewing and better oral health. You’ll find that your LightForce braces “before and after” is as dramatic as it is exciting.

7. Retainer Wearing for Locking In Your Smile

When you’ve finished your custom braces treatment, the last step in your smile transformation is securing and maintaining your gorgeous smile with a retainer. Retention is an important step in caring for newly-straightened teeth, no matter which type of braces you used.

At Piskai Orthodontics, all our patients receive a custom set of clear retainers based on a digital scan of their new smile. Retainers are worn indefinitely, and if you happen to break or lose your retainers down the road, we’re here to fit you with replacements.

Benefits of LightForce Braces vs. Metal Braces

So we’ve covered a few of the things that make LightForce braces different from traditional metal braces. But there’s even more to think about when it comes to comparing LightForce braces vs. traditional braces:

LightForce braces are designed for discretion – You might like to know that LightForce braces are a great aesthetic option. If you’re concerned about how obvious they’ll look, worry no longer: they were designed to blend seamlessly with your teeth. Made from light but strong ceramic polycrystalline alumina, brackets come in clear — called Light, and white — called Cloud. These custom braces are also smaller on your teeth so they’re less noticeable.

Comfort is key in these 3D braces – Customization plays a big part in making LightForce braces a more comfortable option than traditional metal braces. And the fact that they’re smaller with rounded edges makes them even more comfortable.

Easier to Keep Clean – We admit that brushing and flossing with braces requires a bit more diligence. But it’s good to know that the sleeker design of LightForce brackets means that mastering good oral care with braces is easy to accomplish.

Enjoy Shorter Treatment With LightForce Braces – Choosing LightForce for your orthodontics means quicker, more efficient treatment time than standard metal braces. This is great news for families with busy teens: fewer appointments means less time out of school and activities. Adult patients can appreciate the shorter overall treatment time so they can get back to their normal routine — but with straight, beautiful teeth.

With LifeForce 3D-printed braces, it’s about less time in the orthodontist chair and more time living your life!

The Great News About How Much LightForce Braces Cost at Your Voorhees, NJ Orthodontist

We understand that the cost of braces can be a big reason for whether you choose to move ahead with treatment or not. We’re here to help! We make the decision easy with all-inclusive pricing that’s the same regardless of the treatment you choose. And with no upcharges or hidden costs, you can plan your budget right from the get-go.

Whether you have mild or severe orthodontic issues or you’re weighing LightForce braces cost vs. Invisalign®, you pay the same for your comprehensive treatment at Piskai Orthodontics. And your fee includes your retainer for the all-important after-care that will strengthen and maintain your new smile for life.

Get Started with Custom Braces Only at Piskai Orthodontics

Now that we’ve shared all you need to know about LightForce braces, it’s time to start your smile transformation. As the only LightForce braces orthodontist in Voorhees, we’re happy to help you with your fully custom braces — with experience that will result in your best smile.

Our past and present LightForce patients agree on their reviews: LightForce braces are a game-changer! Supported by our friendly, professional service and a welcoming environment, your 3D-printed, custom braces treatment will be a breeze.

Contact us today at our Voorhees office to get started with your new smile!