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Braces treatment is a big commitment and when it’s done, your hard work and patience is worthy of celebration. That’s why debond day at your Voorhees orthodontist, Piskai Orthodontics, is always a big event. Dr. Cara Piskai and our team go all out to mark the occasion with fun, gifts, and goodies.

This past August, we threw a movie-themed event for patients getting their braces off. Debond day was not only filled with brand new, stellar smiles, but also with movie theater candies, gummy skewers, and a popcorn bar — all braces-unfriendly treats that can now be enjoyed worry-free.

Previous debond day events include a “Red, White, and New” Memorial Day theme, a “Peep Your New Smile” Easter theme, and a “Candyland” theme full of sweet treats. We’re all about making orthodontics fun from start to finish, whether you choose LightForce braces, modern clear or metal braces, or Invisalign®.